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Sunday, October 17, 2010

100 Days of Horror Day Eighty-Six - "Creepshow!"

Yet another late-day entry into the most horrific blog you've never dared to read! But not too late for you get today's feature on NetFlix (if you have an xBox 360 like we do that is), so quit yer bitchin'!

Yes, I will again skip my cutesy intros and hop right into the meat and taters of this thang (what's taters, Precious? WHAT'S TATERS?!). I've already watched this sucker while convalescing from an early morning vomit session (no, I wasn't drunk - that's next Saturday). So sit back and dig on the 80s classic, "Creepshow!"

Creepshow (1982): Directed by George Romero. Starring Leslie Nielson, Ed Harris, Stephen King, E.G. Marshall, Hal Holbrook and Adrienne Barbeau.

The Skinny: Based on a series of horror comics from the 1950s and penned by Stephen King, "Creepshow" is a series of five short films that replicate the look of the original comics.

What's Good: This film was a bold experiment, and one that should have continued. George Romero takes the frames from the original comics and frames his scenes the same way. He also uses multicolored light schemes that perfectly recreate the backgrounds the horror comics rely on. Add to the mix some cheesy acting from some of the decade's best and you get a pretty good romp that is essentially not so much scary as it is just fun.

What's Bad: The film is a little overlong, if you ask me. The second (and deeply inferior) film in the series takes it down to just three episodes, which makes it a more manageable meal. Other than that, this is a good time.

Why We Like it: It's cheesy, it's 80s, it's my master Stephen King and my zombie god Romero, so it's doubleplusgood. I have warm fuzzy memories of this as a kid, and I even had the comic adaptation of it - gifted to me by a relative on Easter. Yeah, we're that kind of family.

Memorable Stuff: Each of the stories has something to love. They're a great mix of cheesy sci-fi and horror, with some downright disturbing images, if not particularly horrific. But of the five stories, two stand out as my favorite. The first in the movie, "Father's Day," is particularly graphic and deals with a rotting, worm-ridden corpse crawling from its grave to take its revenge. And the second is "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill," starring the man himself, Stephen King, as the character of the title. As per usual with King in the 80s, his eyes bug out of his skull, likely because he was wasted. But he's also at his personal campy best.